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Payments Leaders and Innovators Convene to Discuss Current and Future State of Payments in LATAM

ETA’s inaugural LATAM payments conference on December 7, 2023, brought together payments executives from the LATAM region.  The event featured payments executives from Global Payments, Mastercard, Visa, PayAmigo, IDC Ventures, Paynuity, Blockwyre, Norton Rose Fulbright, Stripe, FDATA, King & Spalding, Bank of America, Boost Payment Solutions, nTokens, AB Fintechs, FeatureSpace, Chargeback Gurus, Discover, Ingenico, and Venable.

The discussion focused on how payments are evolving in LATAM as well as the unique challenges and opportunities the regions holds for payments.  Topics included all the current issues of the day - the digitization of payments, adoption of crypto, regulations of payments, B2B, fighting fraud, tap to pay, and artificial intelligence.

The payments experts discussed how the LATAM payments markets are addressing each of these important areas, focusing on the trends and adoption rates by consumers and merchants.  The panels also discussed what is next on the horizon in the LATAM payments market.

The event also featured the Central Bank of Brazil and Mexico, sharing their respective central banks’ policy agendas around faster payments, stablecoins, CBDC, and more.

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8:00 am

Breakfast / Registration Open

9:00 am

Opening Remarks

  • Jodie Kelley, CEO, ETA

9:10 am

State of Payments in LATAM

This panel will discuss the current state of payments in LATAM, specifically Brazil and Mexico.

  • Gabriel Mejia, President of Merchant Acquiring for Latin America, Global Payments
  • Alberto Velarde, Vice President, Strategy and Market Development LAC, Mastercard
  • Ana Vasconcellos, Head of Payments Acceptance LAC, Visa (M)

9:45 am

Payments and Policy — Brazil

Policymakers in Brazil are focused on the payments industry. This panel will explore the present and future political and policy landscapes that shape payments.

  • Silvia Constain, Head of Government Engagement LAC, Visa
  • Angelo Jose Mont Alverne Duarte, Head of Department, Department of Competition and Financial Market Structure, Central Bank of Brazil

10:10 am

Digitalization of Payments in the LATAM Region

The panel will cover radical change in consumer experience powered by the digitization of payments in Brazil and Mexico. How did they go from cash to digital payments in under a decade for both online and POS commerce.  It will focus on how the overall payments experience has changed for the consumer and the merchant (for both online and offline commerce). It will also touch upon similarities and difference unique to Brazil and Mexico.

  • Abhishek Banerjee (AB), Chief Payments Officer and co-founder, PayAmigo
  • Kim Hangoc, VP of Digital Partnerships, Mastercard
  • Rodrigo Rodas, Managing Partner, IDC Ventures (M)

10:35 am

Networking Break

10:45 am

Crypto Adoption in LATAM

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a considerable force in the global financial landscape, offering individuals and businesses an alternative means of conducting transactions. In recent years, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Mexico and Brazil has gained significant traction. This session will focus on insights on the current legalities, politics, logistics, and the ways in which the citizens of Mexico and Brazil are embracing and utilizing cryptocurrencies.

  • Eric Brown, CEO, BlockWyre
  • Bart Kohler, (CPP), Chief Revenue Officer, Paynuity
  • Andres Nieto, International Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US MX, S.C. (M)

11:25 am

Overview of Policy Framework in LATAM

This panel will explore how policymakers are thinking about the latest payments developments including CBDC, Open Finance, Instant Payments, BNPL, and more.

  • Thais Garcez Lima De Mendonca, Head of LatAm Regulatory, Stripe
  • Ludmila Volochen, Regional Director – LATAM, FDATA Global
  • Daniel R. Kahan, Partner, King & Spalding (M)

12:00 pm


With billions in business payments still being made by check, this panel will explore how payments industry can modernize B2B.

  • Juan Garrido, SVP - Product Executive, Bank of America
  • Jose Luis Gonzales – Head of Visa Commercial Solutions, Visa
  • Alejandro Macias, VP Latin America Initiatives, Boost Payment Solutions
  • Daniel R. Kahan, Partner, King & Spalding (M)

12:25 pm

Networking Lunch

1:25 pm

Deep Dive on Payments

This session will focus on how Drex is being received by the private sector as well as what’s next for tokenization and cross-border payments.

  • Diego Perez, President, ABFintechs
  • Thomaz Teixeira, CEO, Co-Founder, nTokens

1:50 pm

Fighting Fraud

LATAM presents unique challenges relative to fraud in payments. This panel will explore the unique characteristics of fraud and how the payments industry is addressing them.

  • Diego Becker, Director, International Growth, Chargeback Gurus
  • Mario Rivero, Global Payment Risk Investigations, Visa
  • Andres Rojas, VP Customer Success Americas, FeatureSpace
  • Ivette Rodriguez, Director Ecosystem Security & Integrity Risk, Visa (M)

2:20 pm

Payments and Policy — Mexico

Policymakers in Mexico are focused on the payments industry. This panel will explore the present and future political and policy landscapes that shape payments.

  • Silvia Constain, Head of Government Engagement LAC, Visa
  • Moreno González Othón Martino, Director of Policy and Studies of Payment Systems and Market Infrastructures, Central Bank of Mexico

2:40 pm

Networking Break

2:50 pm

Tap on Mobile / Tap to Phone

Tap on Mobile (TOM) or Tap to Phone is the newest form of taking contactless or NFC payments, by leveraging COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) devices such as mobile devices. Join this session to learn about TOM and what it means to merchants of all sizes and its developments in LATAM.

  • Mauricio Idarraga, Gerente de Preventas de Soluciones PPaaS, Ingenico
  • Gabriela Loayza, Executive Relationship Manager - Integrated Payments, Discover Global Network
  • Guida Sousa, VP, Acceptance and Digital Products LAC, Mastercard
  • Daniel Villar, Senior Director Acceptance Solutions, Visa
  • Fernanda Grillo, Director - International Markets, Discover Global Network (M)

3:30 pm

AI in Payments

Ai is changing how the payments industry fights fraud, helps customers, increases compliance, and reduces friction. This panel will discuss the implications for AI in LATAM.

  • Ricardo Ramirez, Senior Director Visa Consulting and Analytics, Visa
  • Andres Rojas, VP Customer Success Americas, FeatureSpace
  • Eduardo Sanchez, SVP, Cyber and Intelligence LAC, Mastercard
  • Belisario Contreras, Senior Director, Global Security and Technology Strategy, Venable (M)

4:00 pm

Closing Remarks

  • Jodie Kelley, CEO, ETA

4:10 pm

Networking Reception

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